“The color guard activity exists to foster positive experiences for all who participate, by promoting education, creativity, and freedom of expression through the unification of pageantry and the performing arts.” - Winter Guard International

Color Guard is competitive dance theater using props along with dance as a visual expression of music performed by a marching band or independently to pre-recorded music. Color Guard is both an athletic competition and a form of art that mixes modern dance and ballet choreography while using props that traditionally include rifles, flags and sabres.


The Vista Murrieta Color Guard, directed by Sergio Marquez-Johnson, competes with the Marching Band from August through November, using choreography and equipment to enhance the visual effect of the Marching Band show. The Color Guard is judged both as part of the overall visual appeal of the show as well as in its own category. In 2010, 2011, and 2012 the Color Guard was responsible for contributing to the Golden Alliance Marching Band winning 3 consecutive "Marching Band Open Series" (MBOS) Championships.


From January through April, the Color Guard competes in "Winter Guard", an indoor Color Guard activity performed indoors to pre-recorded music, usually in a gym or indoor arena. The Winter Guard unit performs using dance, acrobatics, and props including flags, rifles, and sabres.


During the Winter Guard season, Vista Murrieta High School has two guard units; the Junior Varsity (JV) and Varsity teams. The JV Winter Guard is a beginning to intermediate level team while the Varisty Guard participates at a higher level of competition. Each Color Guard member's performance during marching season is evaluated by Ms. Ellis and the color guard staff to determine placement in the winter guard program.

Congratulations to the 2017-2018

Vista Murrieta High School Sapphires Color Guard

Emmalee McCann

Grace Dona Hensley

Hannah Gruidl

Janais Reese Broussard

Jessica Vis

Julanne Lipomatio

Kaelyn Novelo

Lisa Valdez

Maria Jose Sanchez-Marin*

Samantha Williams

Shelby Marie Goodrich

Abigail Butler#

Anais Sosa

Anessa Mikenas

Aubrie Pudvah

Briee Siemen

Camilla Castellanos

Ceri Jones

Hailey Bobbe

Juana Cerriteno

Kayla Kassis

Kaylee Harris*

Madison Cervantes

Maggie Lauridsen

Meghan Mikenas

Milani Taylor

Samantha Kunze

Sidney Jones

Stephanie Ochoa

Trevor MacKay+

Amy Filo#

Cristina Fouts+

EJ Edusada

Eliana Stout+

Emily Volpone#

Faith Palma

Germi Tubo

Jasmine Ramirez

Jordon Monge

Julienne Lim+

Kaitlyn Heard

Kiana Elsmore#

Kurt Manuel#

Liz Borel+

Madison Hultquist#

Mina Durrant

Shelby Savage

Alana Miller+

Allie Pudvah

Aylin Perez

Baylee Lopez#

Brenda Bayon+

Emma Rogers

Kaitlyn Johnstone+

Kayla Johnson

Kielah Eubanks

Taylor Maddux#

Lauren Pniewski*



+Primary Rifles

#Primary Sabers


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Please remember that weapon lines are subject to change at any time throughout the summer training process. You still have an opportunity to be on a line as these are not set in stone. Ask yourself how you auditioned?

Work on technical issues and keep pushing!


Please remember to e-mail Sergio

at vistamurrietacgsapphires@gmail.com to accept or deny your spot.


First New Member Rehearsal is on Monday, May 8, 2017 from 6-9pm in the Vista

Murrieta High School Band Room. See you then!


The Vista Murrieta Winter Guard competes in the Winter Guard Association of Southern California (WGASC) and at Winter Guard International (WGI) Regional Championships. During the Winter Guard season, both teams will compete in a number of WGASC competitions as well as the Varsity team will compete at local WGI Regional events. The season culminates at the annual WGASC Championships held in mid-April.

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